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The Special Services Investigation Unit ( SSIU )

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The Special Services Investigation Unit (SSIU)

Special circumstances require special investigations. SSIU is a separate unit of Headhunters dedicated to handling intricate investigations. Headed by LT. Moss, SSIU is composed of investigation specialist with numerous years of experience in all types of investigations. The SSIU is divided into two teams:

The Special Police Team : The Special Police Team is composed of Special Police officers licensed by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to provide an enhanced level of security at a particular site. The Special Police Team conducts surviellance operations, recovers stolen property, establishes a secure environment and when necessary, will execute an arrest of individuals found in violation of law.

The Special Private Detective Team : The Special Private Detective Team is composed of veteran private detectives and retired police officers, who specialize in resolving intricate investigations ranging from arson to check fraud. The SPD unit is only deployed when investigations require numerous hours of investigative work and/or are very intricate in nature. Once, the SPD unit is deployed, the pace of the investigation speeds rapidly and involves regular communication with the client.

Special Investigation Services :

The "DL" Investigation :  The term "DL" is an acronym for things done on the down low. While most investigations reveal behavior that is undesirable, the "DL" Investigation attempts to establish patterns of behavior unknown to the client. These patterns of behavior can range from un-suspected theft to un-suspected types of infidelity. The motto of  the "DL" Investigation  is : "You can never judge a book by it's cover".  We recommend that you open the book, and find out what's inside, because what you don't know...... can KILL you !!!!!  

The Check Fraud Investigation : When someone passes a fraudulent check, they have committed a crime. Do not let someone commit a crime on your dollar and get away with it it. "Find them...Report them....Sue them and recover your losses" !!!!!!

The Identity Theft Investigation :
When someone steals yours Identity it can have life long repercussions. Trace your steps, determine who might want to steal your identity. Remember, people who know that you have good credit are typically the people who would steal your identity. Don't just sit back and be a victim, become pro active ...let us help !!